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IDX Developer is devoted to helping real estate brokers and agents to find the best possible online solutions to satisfy their needs.

We specialize in custom scripting for dynamic front-end content, personalized cms systems for agents and brokers, and RETS connectivity via the open-source vieleRETS system..


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Buy A Franchise

It's not easy to start from scratch; sometimes the best solution is to buy into an existing brand with national name-recognition and...

Improve Your Website

The internet is always changing and new technology is always cropping up. IDX Developer can help you stay current with...


Latest News

  • 02.12.11

    Work begins on our new website.

  • 02.07.11

    Our new agent CMS is almost complete. New features include an option to include a custom blog and custom "approved lendor" linkage.

  • 02.05.11

    Our new search utility allows users to search for agents and brokerages by distance from a given zip code.

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Internet & Business Consultations

Running a real estate agency requires more than just being able to sell houses; you need to understand websites, forge relationships with lenders, and manage your agents - and that's just the start. IDX Developer offers consultations by phone, email, and text chat with experienced professionals.

Investor Relations

Investors are a crucial part of the real estate equation and with prices at the lowest point in years it is an excellent time to make a move into investment. Our experienced consultants can help you learn to separate the great deals from the bad, especially in the rapidly expanding HUD market.

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